Lauren Cooney

Exec & Co-Founder 

Lauren is a psycho-sexual-somatic coach and in-training British shamanic practitioner. She has worked as an actor, screenwriter and director, and made short films that premiered at Oscar and Bafta-qualifying festivals. She is currently developing several TV series and feature films with leading producers. Alongside film work, Lauren has a passion for personal and corporate development, facilitating leadership programmes in major companies (including Lloyds Bank, Nomura, and UK finance), and facilitating workshops on Love & Relating in London, as well as private coaching. She has an MA in English Literature from Cambridge University. As a GASM Exec, Lauren is excited about it's Big Vision, and combining her passions for entertainment, sexuality, and personal development.


Douglas K. van Duyne

Exec & Original Founder

GASM’s original "Camming CEO", Douglas founded GASM as a triple-bottom-line, sex education and entertainment company utilizing technology to scale solutions to sex-related traumas worldwide. A serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of two multimillion-dollar tech startups he sold, NetRaker, a SaaS experience design research company, and Naviscent, a design engineering consultancy to Oracle, Yahoo, PayPal, and many Fortune 500 companies. Author of the bestseller The Design of Sites, a customer-centered design “bible” used to teach at universities worldwide. A meditation, vitality, sex, and relationship educator, offering books and coaching in healthy living and relating. A technology innovator, including early agile systems, e-commerce, and educational entertainment. BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Graduate of Andover. Father of four. Caretaker of GASM.


Natalie Peire

Exec & Co-Founder

Young Entrepreneur Natalie has been committed to the path of business development & spiritual exploration for the past 10 years. Natalie studied BSc Business Management at the University of Birmingham, and started her career at a Consultancy firm in London. Age 25, she co-founded a retreat centre and community in Brazil, and led the project whilst deepening self-exploration. Natalie immersed herself in tantric practices, and is a qualified Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST) Coach. Working with clients 1-2-1, she has also designed Leadership trainings for corporates, ran sold out workshops on Sex & Intimacy, from London City, to Burning Man. Natalie has combined her love of business, with her intimacy training and jumped in as a GASM Exec to co-create this revolutionary start-up.



Christopher Fuelling

Core Team & Co-Founder

Ritual theatre director, tenor, and visionary culture-change researcher and teacher, Mystophur co-creates transformative rituals from Early Music liturgical reconstructions in European churches to experimental ritual theatre and outrageous rock operas from Bali to Burning Man, and applies those principles to the transformative sex rituals that animate GASM camshows. BA in anthropology from Princeton, MFA in opera directing from CalArts, he confounded the Art Monastery in Italy and The Alchemyi in LA. Currently he is the artistic director of his Theatre of Love,  and the co-director of ISTA’s ritual theatre: SSSTAR.



Francesca Gentille

Core Team & Co-Founder

Certified Clinical Sexologist with a vibrant private practice and professor at The International Institute for Clinical Sexology who is an initiated shaman in 4 Indoeuropean Traditions. She has 30 years experience as a teacher and coach in alternative relationship design, Conscious BDSM, and somatic healing teaching around the world (including the Rome BDSM Conference, Sexy Spirits New York, the Loving More Conference, and The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists Conference). She is a quoted expert in Esther Perel´s book ¨The State of Affairs,¨an award winning author, and as a TV host has interviewed the likes of Tom Hanks and Leonard Nimoy. She is currently studying to get her PHD in Sexology.  As a cofounder of GASM, she is passionate about bringing conscious sexuality to the world. Her deepest desire is to stand for peace and healing through nonviolent communication, radical empathy, sacred sexuality.



Shezza Walters

Core Team & Co-Founder

Shezza is a Tantra teacher, Rapid Transformational therapist, hypnotherapist, and sex and relationship coach. As cofounder of GASM, she is passionate about brining sex education that is entertaining, authentic, and powerful to the world. She combines the spirituality and the sexy in an innovative and fun way. Over the last twenty years, she has helped many people learn how to love themselves, find more pleasure in their bodies, and have more fulfilling intimacy with others while seeing the Divine Beauty in all of life.



Gabrielle Arpin

Production Team

Currently studying Ancient studies and Archeology at university, Gabrielle jumped right into this project as soon as she heard of it. Her desire to help build a better world where sexuality is empowering and healing led her right in the middle of the Mayan jungle, switching from tech babe to community manager, and project manager. She believes that GASM will one day help people understand better their own sexuality and desires, instead of feeling shame or guilt about them. For her, sexuality is one’s affirmation of themselves and it should not be repressed, but rather embraced.



Ana Barbudo

Production Team

Researcher, Film Director and Communicator. She is currently directing a documentary on Sex Work, funded by several public institutions since its early stages. Graduated in Fine Arts and Master in Culture Management, Ana is passionate about innovating in society through creative processes of non-invasive accompaniment. Member of the Hetaira Collective, for the defense of the rights of sex workers, she is an Ambassador for Sex Workers in GASM. Member of GASM's Ethics and Social Responsibility Committees. Video Director and Artistic and Multimedia Curator at GASM to integrate love, chaos and psychedelia into the rational world.



David Michael Reed

Production Team

D.Mike is the comfort and council member and life coach for the GASM company. He also serves as the co-head of the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee. You can find him as a featured guest on several of the GASM camming shows as a GASM affiliated cammer. D.Mike intends to ensure a diverse representation of teachers, cammers, and viewers within the GASM atmosphere. He also works to create a safe and emotionally stable environment for all GASM affiliated people in training, work, and play.


Fabiola Gojon Enriquez

Production Team

Fabiola is the bookkeeper, chef, and site manager for GASM. She has trained in Thai massage, pole dancing, aerial hoop, acro yoga, and fitness. She helped heal herself from cancer with a healthy diet and lifestyle, and now provides this coaching to others. She’s an intuitive and trained shamanic energy healer, helping people live free from draining thoughts and feelings. A trained photographer, she demonstrates in pictures and videos her fitness and lifestyle coaching. In addition to GASM, she makes for her clients raw vegan desserts, and jewelry she designs and makes by hand.